Intercourse Fun & Protection- Preventing Sexually Transmitted Disease

Different Types of Tests: Perspiration and Saliva

The latest in technology in concerns of drug testing is testing them through sweat samples. They are becoming more popular now due to their low-invasive nature as opposed to urine testing. Typically the perspiration test is done using a patch which the subject must wear for a fortnight. This can be averted with a few ways but it is similar to the urine in that the subject can “sweat out” the drug through rigorous exercise or drink copious amounts of water.

Saliva also makes it possible for the employer to determine how recent the drugs were in the subject’s bodily system. In order for the subject to avoid this, they can follow a few steps to ensure that they pass the drug test. A saliva drug test is conducted by placing a cotton swab along the gum line of the subject’s mouth. Although the technique to avoid drug test failure does not always prove effective, the subject can place the cotton swab on the teeth as opposed to the gums or inner cheeks.

Other Issues Concerning Drug Tests

The above-mentioned methods are excellent ways, both tested and verified in many cases, for a person to potentially pass a drug test for marijuana. However, it must be noted that there are several risks when it comes to going to such measures to ensure that the person passes the drug test. The closer that the subject is in terms of the test date, while still having THC in their system, puts them at greater risk. As mentioned above, someone who is a regular patient and must imbibe daily or several times a week is of course at greater risk than someone who uses it only once in a while. Another way can pass a test is by using a hair follicle test shampoo, or the best detoxification shampoo. For those who have a greater likelihood of usage, they carry the risk of exposing themselves to their employer, failing the drug test, and perhaps risking their potential for employment. In the next half of the essay, the risks will be discussed and a few ways in which to deal with them.

What’s the danger to Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

Again, it depends on the specific disease that’s being discussed. Some sexually transmitted diseases can make you feel miserable when they flare up, such as herpes. Others can do real damage to your body. Syphilis is a disease that can cost you your sight and even rob you of your life. There are several other STDs, all with varying degrees of severity. To further complicate matters, every person responds differently when a specific disease attacks their body. A person that is very healthy and is insensitive to certain diseases might be a carrier without even knowing it. Someone else could have the same disease and might end up with life-threatening complications.

This usually happens when a person is extremely sensitive to something associated with that particular disease process or when their body is already compromised due to other chronic health conditions. It’s important to realize that you compromise your health when you make certain choices, as well. For example, if you don’t get enough sleep, you don’t exercise, and you don’t eat right, you’re not going to be readily able to fight off anything.

Make sure you’re protected.

It wouldn’t be proper to discuss anything about sexually transmitted diseases or even STD testing without talking about being responsible when you’re sexually active. One of the best things you can do is make sure that you’re protected when you have sex. A lot of people automatically think about using condoms to prevent pregnancy. It’s true that this is a very important aspect of preventing pregnancy, although some additional layers of protection should probably be in place if you’re sexually active and you don’t want to start a family. With that being said, condoms aren’t designed just to protect against unwanted pregnancy. They can also protect you from STDs. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that you have protected sex, even if it’s not possible for you to have children.

Who should get tested?

Remember from the very beginning of this article that everyone who is sexually active could potentially have an STD. That means every person that’s ever had sex, even once, should be tested. This probably sounds extreme to a lot of people. However, it’s the only way to make sure that you’re not carrying an STD from a scientific perspective. Even if the only partner you’ve ever had is the partner that you’re currently married to, it’s still possible that you could have an STD and not be aware of it. Unless you both abstained from having sex until you were married, there is a chance that one could be present. That means you should both be tested if you’re both currently having intercourse. It’s the only way to make sure that there’s nothing going on that you should be aware of.

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