How Massage Can Make a Person Feel Better

If you want to understand that getting a massage feels great, you do not have to ask a scientist about that. However, you will have to ask a scientist why it does that.  

Almost every individual knows the overall reason why it feels great. The mixture of tension-releasing touch of the masseuse, scented oils, and relaxing atmosphere is enough to make people feel so good.  

However, during a Broomfield massage, it is more than just the senses that are affected. In fact, a massage has a lot of effects on the physiological state and chemical balances of your body.  


Since Oxytocin is most normally released during intimate interactions, it is sometimes called the “love hormone”. This interaction includes kissing or hugging a special someone. It completely affects our ability to empathize, bond, and trust.  

To make things simple, this hormone makes a person feel fuzzy and warm inside. Thus, having an oxytocin-releasing massage will provide us a similar feeling. 

Relaxation for Our Brain 

A brain of a person during a massage has a tendency to enter into a meditative condition. However, this usually happens whenever we’re getting a gentle massage, unlike a deep tissue massage, which is a more aggressive type.  

During a gentle massage, our minds stay calm as our bodies start to relax. At this point, every single thing that currently bothers you will be eliminated since our brain isn’t focusing or thinking anything particular.  

This relaxation for our brain has a lot of therapeutic physiological advantages. This includes helping us feel at peace and at ease with our conditions and ourselves.  


One hormone that’s released in our bodies is dopamine. This hormone offers us with positive psychological effects. It’s a neurotransmitter that helps to manage the pleasure centers and reward of our brain. In addition to that, it also regulates emotional response and movement. Because of this, dopamine plays a huge part in behaviors that are motivated by reward.  

However, that is not everything that it offers. This hormone could also have positive effects on the mood of a person by promoting feelings such as enthusiasm, inspiration, and joy.  

We’re certain to experience these uplifting effects in no time since massages increase the amount of released dopamine in our body.  


Typically, a massage is utilized to improve the circulation of various fluids inside our body through both manipulation of the chemicals and the soft tissues inside our body.  

For those who don’t know, the best way to improve the oxygen flow and flow of other nutrients across our bodies is to improve lymph and blood circulation.  


Oftentimes, endorphins are also known as the “feel good” hormone. In general, endorphins are released inside our nervous system and brains. This hormone triggers the opiate receptors of the body.  

Various techniques used in a massage help our body to release and create higher amounts of endorphins. Of course, a massage will make us feel so good physically and psychologically since our body is filled with endorphins