Proper Insulation and Decorating Attic Tips for Beginners 

Others would not believe that a simple and old kind of spare area like the attic could be a good and nice place to sleep and relax or even to use this one as your office room in order for you not to be disturbed by your kids during the night time or when you want to have a quiet place to work and finish your deadline. If you are a creative person, then you may have the ability to turn things better and keep all the ideas in one simple way to renovate the place without spending too much money for the expensive decorations and stuff that you need to display around the attic or the walls. You should not forget as well the spray foam insulation Chicago as it would help the place to be more comfortable to stay with because of the ability to balance the right temperature in the room like the cold temperature which could stay there and avoid going out of the room and won’t be affected by the other factors.  


You could have the idea of the skylight where you can put up a window on the roof and you can close and open this one during the day time to get more natural light or fresher air which you could save more of the energy. Some would use the transparent kind of window or roofing in some parts in order to get the best sunlight from the sun but some would not want this one as it could make the place hotter during the day time because of the rays of the sun. Of course, you could consider some other types of ways like having the smaller portion for the windows and for the appliances to make the place more useful and accessible to you.  

It is beyond impossible for others to turn this one into something more attractive but with simple steps and you don’t need to worry about the result as you could repeat the process or do it once again in the near future. Try to check the different areas and corner of the attic as you have to make sure that everything is in the right order and fix the damages or the holes and cracks there to ensure the safety and avoid experiencing some troubles especially when raining or shaking. Choose the color that you want to be used to the walls or to the ceiling part of the room and if the walls are made of plywood or wooden parts, then you need to use the paint that can be suitable for this one.  

If your idea is about becoming more functional and useful at the same time, then you could add some furniture that has multiple purposes like the box where you could keep things and use this one for sitting down. Don’t forget about the electricity there as you need to hire an electrician if you don’t know about the installation of the lights and the air conditioner there.